5 Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin sheaths intended to adhere to the front side of teeth. While occasionally considered a purely cosmetic practice, veneers can be used alone or in conjunction with crowns to provide quite a few benefits. Here are five instances when veneers are worth considering.

Protecting cracked or chipped teeth

A cracked or chipped tooth is also a weakened tooth. That means a patient wants to do something that provides some amount of strength to the tooth. Opting for veneers permits a candidate to resolve the problem on two levels. First, the veneers are strong enough to lessen the pressure on the tooth when chewing. That means the chip or crack is not likely to get worse.

The veneer also obscures the crack or chipped area. When applied correctly, no one will know the tooth has sustained any damage. In some cases, the dentist may suggest pairing the veneer with a crown for ideal benefits.

Filling in the missing gaps

Is there a small gap between some teeth? Bonding is one answer, but veneers are also worth researching. Since veneers can add an amount of bulk to the teeth, they can be used to plug in those gaps. This solution guarantees that the teeth still seem to be appropriately proportioned and look entirely natural. Thanks to the fact that the veneers can be colored to match the hue of the teeth, people will notice the patient's smile is more beautiful without really knowing why.

Altering the tooth’s shape

Having a tooth or two not perfectly formed is not unusual. One of the simplest ways to correct the problem is by using veneers. The devices can be contoured to modify the tooth's shape so that it balances nicely with the surrounding teeth.

Hiding permanent stains

Teeth whitening, up to and including teeth bleaching, often greatly reduces years of staining. Even so, there may be some stains that won't go away. If that's the case, pursuing a complete round of whitening with the application of veneers makes sense by removing the stains covering the teeth and creating a smile that radiates more than it has in years.

Have you cracked a tooth or wonder if something would improve the look of your teeth? Now is the time to contact the dentist and go in for a dental care evaluation. Discuss veneers and what they could do for your dental hygiene and teeth appearance. Veneers may turn out to be the solution that's just right.

Creating a smile makeover

With age, the smile can lose its vibrancy due to tooth loss, discoloration, excessive grinding or cavities and decay. A smile makeover can include any combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments, but veneers are one of the most popular.

Quick list of benefits:

  1. The placement of the veneers can typically be finished in as few as two visits
  2. Highly customized
  3. Durable and gum-friendly
  4. Stain-resistant

If considering porcelain veneers to take a smile up a notch, this list above may be beneficial in planning.

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